Mystic Source Ent .LLC

Her gifts come from a long family history of mediums all with different types of gifts.

her heritage of Native Iroquois & Cherokee from her Mother's side and Grandmother on her Father's side

who was afraid of being able to see!!!  visitors she wanted no part of but they still came with messages, trying to make her more comfortable,(still didn't work, she always had to have someone stay with her at night till the day she passed at the young age of 58) she never gave up on her God to get her through!

Unfortunately I was numbing myself for awhile and stayed out of the public view, didn't call my parents couldn't let them hear me on the phone high on Drugs. I sent messages with our secret words so they knew it came from me ( we had a very special bond that way. I'll explain more a little later)

Doctor of Divinity

Reverend Lora Lynn Rutan

has a PhD in Theology, Minor in Psychology

a child that was born after my mom was told by every doctor she would never have children.

My Parents both coming from big families

My Mom: (Macil Flo) 1 of 9 children & Father:  (Francis Leroy) 1 of 11 children, never gave up trying and spent every Sunday in church  Always giving 10 percent a week of there earnings, faithful and devout Christians.

11 years into there marriage believing what the doctors said were moving on with life.

One Sunday the pastor came up to my Mom and told her a story how God was going to bless her 3 weeks later after feeling dizzy a few days she went to the doc's office to find out she was indeed pregnant!

She was never so excited in all her life, then she told my Father the news and the both were the happiest one could be!

My Dad was dead set I was going to be the boy he always wanted, he wouldn't even talk about having a girl...

Mom didn't care as long as I was healthy!

She had already picked out my name, she just never talk about it with dad.

to this day she still talks about her 9 months of carrying  me and how happy she is I am all hers!

my whole life I was told how special of a gift I am to both of them and I know I am...


Till this day she is still Studies, she studied by going places across the US. 

I would get a call and have to go most of the time it was an emergency family or friend matter.

that happen to come up from a lot of  death's over a very short period of time (25 in less than 9 years- That's enough to make anyone stop and fall off the path to numb themselves for a little bit) on top of that my 2nd husband- the love of my life, walked out on me the morning of our 12yr Anniversary, he had it planned i woke up and he started a fight on purpose, he had a better job deal and wasn't planning on taking care of me after all the years of us working as partners in all we did..

that sent me over the edge... to this day I still have the same love for him but he is not the Man  I met at 23 and grew up with.   

and asked for those in need to be sent to her a Natural Reiki Master yet still studied the art to be sure, she has the Spiritual ability to Channel  Entities (Angels, Guides and Spirits that have crossed over, but has made it know that only white lighted Divine Entities may enter, she is fearless in her faith's, walks the path to show others it can be done but the choice is yours to make... 

 had contact with what She calls "The Other Side"

explained that there is a very thin veil between our world and their's, it's not somewhere off into space above the clouds but only 3-4ft above our ground level which is why they seem to be seen floating in our world when they 're just walking on that level or plain..